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“We believe in supporting small business and getting to know the names and faces behind them. We believe in the simple art of connecting over a cup of coffee.”

Hey there, we’re Dripbox! Our main mission is to deliver fresh, quality coffee to your doorstep from artisanal roasters all across the US!

Dripbox was founded in Cleveland, OH by fiances Jake and Kallan. They spent most of their weekends visiting all different coffee roasters in Cleveland for dates or visiting with friends and family. From this, they gained a deep appreciation for craft coffee and all the hard work that went into getting the perfect cup.

Growing up, Kallan spent a lot of time at her grandparents’ dairy farm. After their last round of milking for the night they would come in and all share a bowl of vanilla ice-cream with freshly brewed instant coffee poured over. She would later learn that this was an affogato (kind of)! This simple tradition grew into a profound love of coffee for her. 

Jake has always been entrepreneurial, from his Green Thumb Lawn Service to his dating company in first grade (haha!), to selling cookies at school. He has taken that spirit into adulthood with a continuing interest in entrepreneurial ventures. After seven years of love and adventure, Kallan’s passion for coffee and Jake’s entrepreneurial spirit combined to form Dripbox!

Visiting these roasters not only kept Kallan caffeinated with the some of the best coffee out there, but it helped foster connections for both her and Jake. From business meetings, hanging out with friends, to Jake and Kallan’s first date, Cleveland coffee has been a major connector.

We want to bring the culture, passion, connection, and coffee that we’ve experienced to your doorstep. We’re excited to curate amazing boxes full of unique roasts for you to try! We hope you enjoy learning more about the incredible roasters from all over the country that we partner with and all the unique coffee they have to offer.

So, if you’re a major coffee lover and are looking to try something new, give our Dripbox Sampler a try!


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