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Interview with EEC Ohio


Have you seen our recent video interview with EEC Ohio? Check out the video above where we dive into Dripbox and hear stories from other entrepreneurs on their path to starting their businesses. 


When EEC Ohio reached out to include us and Dripbox in their Dream It, Do It series we were so excited. As graduates from Baldwin Wallace University (BW) we have received so much help and support from the Center for Innovation and Growth (CIG) on campus. The CIG helps students or graduates of BW fuel their entrepreneurial dreams through advice, support, and even help finding funding. They do a fantastic job helping young people jumpstart their businesses and help create a clear path for success. We're proud to be BW alumni and thrilled to have had the chance to work with the CIG to make our dream of Dripbox come true. 

So how does EEC Ohio tie in? 

EEC Ohio stands for Entrepreneurship Education Consortium and they work with schools in the Ohio area who have entrepreneurship programs to help promote, facilitate, and educate individuals about the path to entrepreneurship. Their official bio is: 

"The Entrepreneurship Education Consortium (EEC) has a unique structure as a consortium of public and private institutions, four-year and community colleges, and liberal arts, & technology schools. This consortium goes beyond simply sharing resources and expanding awareness to providing practical, entrepreneurial education experiences for students to learn and grow while encouraging students to stay in Ohio."


The EEC Ohio started developing their Dream It, Do It serious following young entrepreneurs last year with the goal of bringing together student entrepreneurs to share their experiences. Each episode plans to have viewers

  • Meet student-entrepreneurs from Northeast Ohio colleges 

  • Learn about resources, tips and inspiration for starting a venture

  • Get real advice from students who have been there

  • Find out what to avoid doing when planning a startup


You'll find them covering topics like:

  • How do you balance studying with a startup?

  • Want tips for juggling Finals Week with finance reports?

  • Need to manage a team -- and have a social life?

  • Dream It, Do It is a video interview series that highlights Northeast Ohio college students and their entrepreneurial endeavors. They did it, and so can you!

We're so happy to have been included in the first episode of the series and we hope you enjoy watching and get to learn something from all of the incredible entrepreneurs showcased in this and future videos! Huge thanks to Baldwin Wallace University, The Center for Innovation and Growth, and EEC Ohio for all you've done to help us make Dripbox a reality. 

Make sure to give EEC Ohio a follow on Instagram (@eecohio), YouTube (Entrepreneurship Education Consortium NEO), and Facebook (@EntrepreneurshipEducationConsortiumOhio) to be notified when new episodes become available!  

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