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Meet: Heartwood Coffee Roasters

Heartwood Coffee Roasters Chagrin Falls, OH


Hey there! We’re back to tell you a little about one of our roasters: Heartwood Coffee Roasters located out of Chagrin Falls, Ohio! In this article we’ll talk HWCR history, how Jim Sanders the owner of Heartwood got his start, and how Dripbox came to partner with them. Let’s get started!


Heartwood is one of those coffee shops that stand out when you enter the small town of Chagrin Falls, OH. Their white exterior is clean, bright and welcoming. As you enter either of their two shops, you’ll notice the theme of them being light, bright, clean, and welcoming to all who love coffee! Their shops are designed to welcome anyone who loves coffee to come sit, learn, and grow together.

Heartwood was founded by Jim Sanders and was established in 2014 as one of the first specialty coffee roasters in Northeast Ohio. Jim began his career as a plumber and soon realized for him to grow any further within that business he’d need to start his own company. Thankfully, he decided to move into the coffee space and thus, Heartwood was born!



Heartwood Coffee Roasters Chagrin Shop Heartwood mug in winter  Heartwood Coffee Roasters espresso machine


One of the most unique things about their roastery and their name is the fact that Heartwood is also the term for the inner core of a tree. Much like how the tree grows, Heartwood encourages people to “grow together,” and they have done just that. Taking the helm and doing much of the construction and design work themselves in their shops they have grown their roastery into two locations, while wholesaling their delicious coffees all around Ohio. Their town has grown with them as well and made Heartwood a staple in the community for coffee lovers alike.

We have to admit, their coffees are absolutely amazing, especially given that Jim began his roasting career in his garage and spent 12 hours driving to pick up his very first roaster! If you haven’t had a chance to try their coffees yet you can find them available in our monthly Sampler Box, and in our shop for one-time buys. Jim’s approach to coffee is to roast really good craft coffee while keeping the process simple so everyone can enjoy their brews. They put a lot of time into curating small batch coffees like their single orgin Ethiopia Uraga for their fans, and putting together incredible blends sure to please anyone.

Jim and those at Heartwood also have a profound passion for the entire coffee chain, recognizing how sometimes the industry forgets about the importance of the farmer and paying them a fair price for their hard work. While Jim has not had an opportunity to travel himself to any of the coffee farms they source from, he’s hopeful he can soon so he’s able to shake the hands of the farmer and make sure that they really are “growing together.”

Heartwood also has a passion for lifting up and highlighting everyone who works with them. From a place on their website, to Instagram highlights they make sure that their baristas and director of coffee are shown all the love. Anytime you speak with Jim he’s always talking up his staff and making sure that they get the praise and recognition they deserve. This is one of the many reasons Dripbox loves working with Heartwood because we believe every single person in the process of making that fantastic cup of coffee deserves recognition. Heartwood does an incredible job of this.

Heartwood was one of the first roasters Dripbox founders Kallan and Jake reached out to. After wandering into their Chagrin Falls shop during a lunch break, Kallan fell in love with the feel of their shop and of course the coffee! What made the experience even better was seeing the owner, Jim behind the counter working alongside his staff. We’re so proud to be able to partner with and provide Heartwood coffee to our subscribers and have their unique coffees available in our shop. Since partnering with Heartwood, we’ve worked together to curate unique, fresh, quality coffee to deliver right to our subscribers’ doorstep. If you find yourself in Chagrin Falls or Hudson Ohio be sure to stop in and grab a cup of coffee or one of their smoked maple brown sugar lattes and tell them we sent you!

If you’d like to learn more about their coffee, be sure to check out our podcast Ep 4: Sip the Drip with Dripbox ft. Heartwood Coffee Roasters! 


Ready to start your own coffee journey? You can find their delicious coffee and many others in our Sampler Box, Full Bag Subscription, and in our shop for one-time buy purchases! Click here to get started today!


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