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What's in the box: August.


Anyone else feel like August is the start of fall? Around this time of year we start getting excited for all the spookiness and fall vibes. Colorful trees, warm drinks, and soups are just around the corner and we can’t wait!

This month, you’ll find coffees from Wild Goose, Rising Star, Heartwood, and Commonplace Coffee. Subscribers will notice some new coffees from Rising Star and Heartwood, along with fan favorites from previous boxes making a comeback this month. Since some of our subscribers missed on on last month’s Wild Goose selections we’re showcasing the same coffees in our August box as the July box.

If you’re new here and taking a peek at what we have to offer – you can view what our August subscribers will enjoy below. Coffees rotate each month and we’re always looking to add new roasters into the mix. If you’re ready to begin your coffee journey you can click here to view our coffee subscriptions and use code SIPTHEDRIP10 at checkout for 10% off your first box.

In the August box we will feature the following roasts depending on which roast profile you selected:


Light Roast Subscribers will enjoy:


Wild Goose: Ethiopia Muda Tatesa from the Guji region.
This is a washed processed coffee with tasting notes of blackberry pie, summer melon, and raw honey. It’s like summer in a cup!

Heartwood: Honduras Leticia Lopez Honey.
A honey processed coffee with flavor notes of floral, honey and honeydew from the Finca La Unica farm in the Cartagua, Copan region of Honduras.

Notes from the roaster: “This is our second year buying from the team at Finca Terrerito and their sister farm, Finca La Unica. Finca Terrerito is a 5th generation specialty coffee farm located in Copan, Honduras who sources from their own farm and neighboring farms to ensure quality. They process their coffees with clean well water from 400ft in the ground and store in parchment until export. Finca Terrerito is certified organic, bird-friendly, fair trade tsa, con manos de mujer, and USA service-disabled veteran-owned. This honey process from producer Leticia Lopez is deeply sweet, full-bodied, sugary, and packed with bright berry and melon flavors. Lingering florals delight and surprise and a rich mouthfeel compliment the satisfying chocolate undertones.” Located at 1400 meters above sea level under the watchful eye of Mount Tenan, the fifty-acre farm is home to rare micro-lots. Formerly a cattle farm, Finca La Unica was purchased in 2016 by Leticia, a 5th generation coffee farmer, Leticia is proud to be an example for women by owning her own land and taking ownership of a role typically reserved for men in Honduras. Changes to infrastructure include the addition of sleeping quarters for 50 coffee pickers, bathrooms, and kitchens with clean water. Visit La Unica and you'll find hidden gems throughout our gorgeous rows of coffee trees, whether it be stunning views, cacao trees, lemons the size of your head, or wild berries.”
Rising Star: Puka Soncco.
This is a natural processed coffee from Chanchamayo, Peru with tasting notes of blackberry jam, ube, and candied lemon.

Commonplace Coffee: Edilma Bermeo Colombia.
A washed processed using parabolic drying from the  Columbian region of Alto Horizonte, Suaza, Huila with tasting notes of grapefruit and kiwi with vanilla.

Notes from the roaster: “Edilma Polania Bermeo played an essential role in forming the Divino Niño Cooperative in 2004 and has been the managing director since 2007. When Commonplace had the opportunity to visit the group in 2018, Edilma’s leadership and passion were on display. In the second annual Copa Suaceña, her 3.5-hectare farm, Las Brisas, received well-deserved recognition when it placed 5th in the regional cupping competition in Suaza, Huila, improving one spot from her 6th place finish in 2019.
Osito Coffee spearheaded this competition for the Divino Niño Cooperative with the goal of identifying, highlighting, and rewarding the highest performing producers. Before the competition, we committed to purchasing Edilma’s lot for the second year in a row, and we were elated when she placed in the top five. Her win led to a higher financial return and acknowledgement of her dedication to producing high quality coffee. It’s an honor to be able to offer a broad range of coffees from this group and to showcase the efforts of one of its most tenacious founding members.”


Medium Roast Subscribers will enjoy:


Wild Goose: Guatemala Rio Azul.
A washed process coffee with tasting notes of milk chocolate and caramel.  

Heartwood: Old River Traditional Roast.
A medium – dark blend currently featuring coffee from Huila, Colombia with tasting notes of Rich Chocolate, Subtly Fruited, Balanced Acidity.

Notes from the roaster: “Heartwood Old River traditional roast is a rotating single origin or blend of what we feel is our best foot forward in the dark roast department.  We don't bring it very far into the "dark realm", so you won't be overwhelmed with burnt or charred flavors.  This coffee takes milk and cream very well, and is a good base for flavoring if that's your style.”

Rising Star: Serra do Boné Estate.
A pulped natural coffee from Arapongas, Brazil with tasting notes of chocolate malt, raisin, and amaretto.
Commonplace Coffee: Summer Solstice Blend.
A blend of coffees from Looko, Ethiopia; Duromina, Ethiopia with tasting notes of Jasmine, honey, and orange blossom that is fruity and refreshing for long summer days!
Notes from the roaster: “The creativity and hard work behind seasonal blend releases is always exciting for us, and this year’s Summer Solstice Series is no exception. Our enthusiasm stems from the arrival of a fresh crop of Ethiopian coffees, whose characteristics lend themselves well to a light and sweet summer blend. Inspired by farming practices of the Duromina and Sookoo collectives, we created a 100% organically-grown Ethiopian blend.
The first component is Looko, a natural-processed coffee from Guji. Unlike many naturals, Looko presents high florality and acidity but very little booziness. Its flavor profile is complemented nicely by Duromina, which provides an amazing sweetness and creamy mouthfeel. Located a few hundred miles northwest of Looko, the Duromina Cooperative is world-renowned for their high-quality washed coffee and numerous top finishes in cup competitions. These two coffees play beautifully together, and the result is a balanced and fruit-forward cup. This blend is versatile for any brew method but excels as a flash brew iced coffee. We hope you enjoy sipping this dynamic blend throughout the summer.”



House Blend subscribers will enjoy:


Wild Goose: Give Shelter Blend.
A washed processed blend with tasting notes that are warm & comforting.  

Heartwood: Birdseye House Blend.
Blend with tasting notes that are Vivid, Juicy, and Complex.

Notes from the roaster: “Heartwood Birdseye Blend is a combination of two great coffees from Colombia and Ethiopia.  While each of these are excellent on their own, something a little special happens when we put them together in a top secret ratio.  The two coffees, which are individually roasted, bring together bright sweetness along with a rich and silky mouth feel. This coffee does great across the board in any brew method.”
Rising Star: Daydreamer Summer Blend.
Featuring this spectacular new summer blend with beans coming all the way from Tolima, Columbia and flavor notes of stone fruit, cinnamon, and tupelo honey!
Commonplace Coffee: Bohemian Blend.
A blend featuring coffees from Red Badger, Indonesia; Koke, Ethiopia with tasting notes of crisp apricot with a medium body that is a blend for those who want a bold coffee!

Notes from the roaster: “If you’re looking for a coffee with a lot of zing and pep, look no further than the Bohemian Blend. A big, strong coffee with a lot of body and a good deal of sweet acidity, this is our nod to the berets, overstuffed armchairs, and clove cigarettes from coffee shops of days gone by. Cheers, old sport!”


Light Roast 12oz Subscribers will enjoy:

Heartwood: Honduras Leticia Lopez Honey.


Medium Roast  12oz Subscribers will enjoy:

Rising Star: Serra do Boné Estate.


House Blend 12oz subscribers will enjoy

Commonplace Coffee: Bohemian Blend.


All subscription orders are billed on the 5th of each month and shipped around the 15th of each month. The cutoff date to subscribe for a month is the 5th. For example, if you place your order on the 6th of August it would be shipped around the 15th of September. We are working on weekly and bi-weekly options for those who want more frequent shipments!

Thank you and please feel free to send any feedback our way/ leave a review!
Sit back, relax, and sip the drip.

-The Dripbox Team





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