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What's in the box: February.



Love (and the smell of coffee) is in the air! Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s day with someone special or enjoying the single life, we’ll be shipping the best coffee to your door to keep you comfy and caffeinated. This month we’re shipping out a few of our favorites and you’ll be seeing more of Wild Goose in the mix! We’re especially excited to have Rising Star’s Damarli Estate in the lineup because the coffee from that farm was one of our absolute favorites when we first started drinking specialty coffee. While this is a new coffee with different flavor notes than we had in the past, we’re sure it’s going to be just as magnificent. Fun fact, Kallan went to the same undergraduate school as Damarli Estates owner’s son! One of the many reasons we love coffee is how it puts into perspective how small the world actually is.

If you’re new here and taking a peek at what we have to offer – you can view what our February subscribers will enjoy below! Coffees rotate each month and we’re always looking to add new roasters into the mix. Next month we’ll be introducing The Grind and Commonplace Coffee to the box so stay tuned for some new and fresh brews. If you’re ready to begin your coffee journey you can click here to view our coffee subscriptions and use code SIPTHEDRIP10 at checkout for 10% off your first box.

In the February box we will feature the following roasts depending on which roast profile you selected:


Light Roast Subscribers will enjoy:


Dark Ritual Coffee Roasters: Colombia Finca La Telaraña.
This is a natural processed coffee that’s best served black and is a special nano lot. This was Dark Rituals first coffee purchased directly from the farm! Tasting notes of: plum jam, red wine, chocolate, brown sugar.

Rising Star Coffee Roasters: Damarli Estate from Boquete, Panama.
This is a washed process coffee with tasting notes of concord grape, melon, prosecco.

Heartwood Coffee Roasters: Colombia Finca El Triunfo, Lot 1 from the Palermo, Huila region.
This is a washed processed coffee from the Palermo, Huila region of Columbia with tasting notes of moscato, cherry, and nougat.

Wild Goose Coffee Roasters: Kenya Kirinyaga Peaberry from the Kirinyaga County region of Kenya.
This is a washed processed coffee with notes of dried mango and blackberry compote.


Medium Roast Subscribers will enjoy:


Dark Ritual Coffee Roasters: Mind Collapse Blend
This is a blend of light and dark roast coffees featuring roasty flavors that yield to a complex finish. Per the roaster this coffee is great for espresso, filter, or any other brewing style.

Wild Goose Coffee Roasters: Fireside Blend.
This is a blend features washed processed coffees from the Americas and Africa. Tasting notes are deep and rich, with a little spark.

Rising Star Coffee Roasters:  Direct Trade Blend.
This coffee has tasting notes of caramel and toasted nuts with coffee from Central America and South America.

Rêve Coffee Roasters: Organic Java Taman Dadar.
A wet hulled coffee with notes of dark chocolate, mild cherry, and black pepper.



House Blend subscribers will enjoy:


Wild Goose Coffee Roasters: Misty Mountain Blend.
This is a blend of washed processed coffees from the Americas with tasting notes that are warm and comforting.

Heartwood Coffee Roasters: Cabin Fever Winter Blend.
This is a 50/50 Blend of coffees from Honduras Finca La Unica, Producer: Leticia Lopez Hutchins and Burundi Ngozi, ETS Nduwayezu. Tasting notes are berry, cocoa, comforting.

Reve Coffee Roasters: Melange De Lafitte.
This coffee is a medium blend with tasting notes of syrupy sweetness and cedar chocolate. Per the roaster it’s a Cajun spin on the Mocha Java blend.

Rising Star Coffee Roasters: Illuminator Blend.
Featuring coffees from South America and tasting notes of soft caramel, nutty, and bright.


Bag of Coffee 12oz Subscription:


12oz Light Roast Subscribers will enjoy: 

Wild Goose Coffee Roasters: Kenya Kirinyaga Peaberry.
12oz Medium Roast Subscribers will enjoy:

Wild Goose Coffee Roasters: Fireside Blend.

12oz House Blend Subscribers will enjoy:

Wild Goose Coffee Roasters: Misty Mountain Blend.


All subscription orders are billed on the 5th of each month and shipped on the 15th of each month. The cutoff date to subscribe for a month is the 5th. For example, if you place your order on the 6th of January it would be shipped the 15th of February. We are working on weekly and bi-weekly options for those who want more frequent shipments!

Thank you and please feel free to send any feedback our way/ leave a review!
Sit back, relax, and sip the drip.

-The Dripbox Team

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