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What's in the box: June.




We’re officially half way through 2021 – can you believe it?! This year has taught us a lot about creating spaces that make us feel welcomed, loved, and happy. Having to stay home for extended periods of time dealing with the pandemic helped us shape home life into something we loved (even more since we’re both introverts). We took this time to really dive into the world of coffee and enjoy it to its fullest, while also making our home feel even homier. So now, mornings are spent sipping the amazing coffee from our roasters, soaking in some sunshine, and being grateful for the small things like finally nailing that coffee recipe you’ve been wanting to try.

This month, you’ll find coffees from Wild Goose, Rising Star, Dark Ritual, and Notion to keep you pumped up and ready to take on the rest of 2021!  Our medium roast subscribers will notice one light roast from Rising Star thrown into the mix to spice things up, as well as some coffees we’re bringing back this month and featuring again. As always, our roasters’ hard work and expertise shines through with these amazing coffees. We love each and every one of these and we hope you do too!

If you’re new here and taking a peek at what we have to offer – you can view what our June subscribers will enjoy below. Coffees rotate each month and we’re always looking to add new roasters into the mix. If you’re ready to begin your coffee journey you can click here to view our coffee subscriptions and use code SIPTHEDRIP10 at checkout for 10% off your first box.

In the June box we will feature the following roasts depending on which roast profile you selected:


Light Roast Subscribers will enjoy:


Wild Goose: Bolivia San Juan (FTO).
This is a washed processed coffee with tasting notes of lemon candy and marzipan.

This is a washed process coffee from the Songwe region. “Best as filter or french press. Light bodied and delicate, this coffee has flavors familiar to this part of the coffee growing world, reminiscent of baking spices, wood bark, and never boring.”

Rising Star: El Paraiso.
This is a washed processed coffee from Huila, Colombia with tasting notes of honey, peach tea, and pecan.

Notion Coffee: Ethiopia Edido.
This is a full natural heirloom coffee from the Yirgacheffe district. “Edido is named for the prestigious milling station in Ethiopia - Idido (Edido), from which it hails. Edido fully lives up to the hype and then some. Expect an intensely floral and fruit-forward cup with a balanced acidity and a clean sweetness. We tasted notes of passionfruit, fruit loops cereal, jasmine tea and clementine.”


Medium Roast Subscribers will enjoy:


Wild Goose: Flight of Fancy Espresso.
A blend of washed and natural processed coffees from the Americas and Africa with tasting notes of black cherry and milk chocolate.

“Medium/dark Roast. Not carbony, oily coffee, but it holds up well to cream and sugar, with plenty of roasty flavor.
Tasting notes: notes of dark chocolate, toffee, oats, and honey with a low acidity and heavy body.
Jinotega is a well-respected coffee grown in Nicaragua, and is the primary coffee growing region in Nicaragua. Jinotega is a market name, derived from the word xinotencatl, which may either mean "city of old men" or ‘neighbours of the Jinocuabos’.”
Rising Star: Jaime Huaraca.
While this isn’t technically a medium roast we felt we had to include it in one of our boxes because the tasting notes sounded spectacular! Test out if you enjoy light roasts with this washed processed coffee from Chanchamayo, Peru with tasting notes of sparkling pear, cinnamon, and clementine. Yum!
Notion: Retro Espresso with coffees from Conceicao Das Pedras Brazil, Carmo De Minas Brazil, Dolok Sanggul North Sumatra, and Yirgacheffe Ethiopia.
With coffees from Brazil, North Sumatra, and Ethiopia and a mix of processes (washed, natural, and wet hulled) you can expect flavor notes of dark chocolate, walnuts and citrus. “A modern take on a Northern Italian style espresso blend. Designed with the goal of creating a dynamic and crowd-pleasing espresso. Expect a rich, full-bodied, and syrupy espresso.”




House Blend subscribers will enjoy:


Wild Goose: Ascension Blend.
A washed processed blend with coffees from the Americas and balanced and sweet tasting notes.
A medium blend coffee with tasting notes that are super sweet and full bodied, but not acidic or bitter.
Rising Star: Trillium Spring Blend.
Featuring this spectacular blend for a second consecutive month due to it being a fan favorit! This is a  washed process coffee featuring coffees from Africa and South America with tasting notes of milk chocolate, lemon, and florals.

Notion: Component Blend from the Conceicao Das Pedras region of Brazil, Cartagua, Copan region of Honduras.
This is a blend of natural processed Brazil and honey processed Honduras coffees. “Inspired by the individual regional components that makeup one fantastic coffee, Component is the result of meticulous experimentation in search of a blend of coffees that is exceptionally versatile. Our favorite application for Component is as espresso. In definite American style, Component is the ultimate daily espresso – sweet, creamy, balanced and bright but not overly acidic.”



Light Roast 12oz Subscribers will enjoy:

Rising Star: El Paraiso.


Medium Roast  12oz Subscribers will enjoy:



House Blend 12oz subscribers will enjoy:

Notion: Component Blend


All subscription orders are billed on the 5th of each month and shipped on the 15th of each month. The cutoff date to subscribe for a month is the 5th. For example, if you place your order on the 6th of June it would be shipped the 15th of July. We are working on weekly and bi-weekly options for those who want more frequent shipments!

Thank you and please feel free to send any feedback our way/ leave a review!
Sit back, relax, and sip the drip.

-The Dripbox Team




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