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What's in the box: May.


Dripbox Sampler

*Insert funny “It’s gonna be May” meme*

Time is flying by but hopefully you’ve found a minute to sit back, relax, and sip the drip. Take a moment to savor these incoming coffees because they are truly unique! We’re bringing some new goodies from our very first roaster, Rising Star and also showcasing some phenomenal works of art from our newest roasters Mad Priest, Commonplace, and Notion. We’re very excited to try Rising Star’s new Spring blend, Notion’s Retro Espresso, and Mad Priest’s Bugoyi Islands single origin.  

If you’re new here and taking a peek at what we have to offer – you can view what our May subscribers will enjoy below. Coffees rotate each month and we’re always looking to add new roasters into the mix. If you’re ready to begin your coffee journey you can click here to view our coffee subscriptions and use code SIPTHEDRIP10 at checkout for 10% off your first box.

In the May box we will feature the following roasts depending on which roast profile you selected:

Light Roast Subscribers will enjoy:

Mad Priest: Rwanda, Bugoyi Islands.

This is a natural processed Red Bourbon coffee with tasting notes of blackberry, stone fruit, and bright.

“Bugoyi is located in the Western Province of Rwanda - near the border of the Democratic Republic of Congo and directly on the shores of Lake Kivu. This region generally receives very soft sunlight and cool winds coming off the lake, which Emmanuel praises as the driving force behind the particularly even drying at Bugoyi. Built in 2012 and purchased by Baho in 2016, Buogyi is Emmanuel’s largest station producing predominantly specialty coffee. Bugoyi collects cherry from ~1300 farmers, producing ~1300 bags of exportable coffee annually, and employing 187 people at the peak of the season. On top of their standard wages, Baho pays into both health insurance and pension plans for all workers at Bugoyi. Along with Fugi, this is the first station that Emmanuel focused on when launching the Baho operations. Average production volume on the small plots surrounding this station are quite low at only around 1.5 kg cherry per tree. This is mostly attributed to the extremely old trees in the area; many have been in production for close to 30 years. Emmanuel has been focusing heavily on growing Baho’s seedling distribution, and 16,000 were distributed to the Bugoyi farmers in 2019. Emmanuel has found that with his higher cherry prices, producers are becoming increasingly interested in investing in their coffee farms and growing future production.” - Sundog Trading Co (Mad Priest Coffee Importer).

Notion: Ethiopia Edido from the Yirgacheffe district.

This is a full natural, heirloom variety coffee. “Edido is named for the prestigious milling station in Ethiopia - Idido (Edido), from which it hails. Edido fully lives up to the hype and then some. Expect an intensely floral and fruit-forward cup with a balanced acidity and a clean sweetness. We tasted notes of passionfruit, fruit loops cereal, jasmine tea and clementine.”

Rising Star: Shantawene from the Sidamo region of Ethiopia.

This is a natural processed coffee with tasting notes of strawberry milkshake, juniper, maple


Commonplace Coffee Roasters: Iyenga Tanzania from the Mbozi District, Songwe Region, Southern Tanzania.

This is a washed coffee with notes of cherry, lime, and shortbread.

“This is our first year purchasing coffee from the award-winning Iyenga AMCOS group. Founded in 2003, Iyenga has built a reputation of skillful management and high quality coffee. This effort culminated in the organization’s AA and peaberry coffees winning the 2019 Tanzania Taste of Harvest Competition. In most coffee cherries, there are two flat seeds. Due to a natural mutation, occasionally only one seed grows. These single seeds or “peaberries” are smaller and rounder than normal coffee beans. Tanzania is known for its peaberry-producing niche, and peaberries are typically separated during the sorting process. Quality concerns sometimes arise due to the additional time it takes to build up enough single seeds for a full lot of peaberry coffee; however, Iyenga’s highly organized collection service and pulping standards make for an exceptional peaberry lot. Their success brought on a spike in membership, leading to the addition of 20-30 new farmers in this year alone. The trust these farmers put in Iyenga’s centralized processing station instead of home processing has lead to higher quality and higher premiums. We hope you enjoy this exceptional and unique coffee!”

Medium Roast Subscribers will enjoy:

Commonplace Coffee Roasters: Morning Blend.

A blend of Ceiba, Guatemala; Serra Negra, Brazil coffees with the tasting profile being balanced with plum and a savory body.

“What do we honestly need first thing in the morning? A coffee that’s not going to get in the way of itself, that won’t confuse the palate or the brain. That coffee, my friends, is Morning Blend. Not too bright, not too big, and all-around balanced, this is simply a pleasant way for anyone to start the day.”

Rising Star: Clavel Co-Op from the Tolima region of Columbia.

This is a washed processed coffee from the Tolima region of Columbia with tasting notes of cardamom, brown sugar, and grapefruit.

Mad Priest:  Sumatra Permata Gayo.

This is a semi-washed wet hulled coffee with tasting notes of tobacco, nutty, and dried fruit.

“Permata Gayo was founded in 2006 by a group of 50 farmers from five different villages in the Bener Meriah district in the Aceh Region. After years of conflict and insecurity, the mission of the group was to build a cooperative that was able to provide economic security for farmers, offer transparency within the supply chain, and give back to the land through the production of coffee.
Today, Permata Gayo brings together 2,122 members and is proud to be Rainforest Alliance Certified. The cooperative now offers training programs on growing, processing coffee, and also cupping coffee for quality. Moreover, they also provide farmer members with food security projects and support children's education, sports, and arts in the community.

Most members of the cooperative are smallholder farmers and own around 2-5 hectares of land. These members use compost to guarantee soil fertility from year to year. The compost consists of livestock manure, green waste, and red cherry skin from the harvest.

Processing in Sumatra is unique and very distinctive from the traditional “washed process”, in that farmers use the process called wet-hulling or “giling-basah”. As soon as the ripe cherries are harvested, they are depulped using a machine called a “luwak”. The beans are then stored in tanks for dry fermentation overnight. The next morning, the coffees are washed and then quick dried to 35-40%. They are thenbrought to a hulling station to be hulled before being dried to 12%. The coffee is stored in a warehouse in Medan and can be easily traced back to the village it came from throughout the entire process.” – Balzac Brothers (Mad Priest coffee importer).

Notion: Retro Espresso with coffees from Conceicao Das Pedras Brazil, Carmo De Minas Brazil, Dolok Sanggul North Sumatra, and Yirgacheffe Ethiopia.

With coffees from Brazil, North Sumatra, and Ethiopia and a mix of processes (washed, natural, and wet hulled) you can expect flavor notes of dark chocolate, walnuts and citrus. “A modern take on a Northern Italian style espresso blend. Designed with the goal of creating a dynamic and crowd-pleasing espresso. Expect a rich, full-bodied, and syrupy espresso.”



House Blend subscribers will enjoy:

Mad Priest: Anastasis Seasonal Blend.

“This feisty spring blend is meant to get your mornings going as we all slowly slither out of our winter skins. Roasted to be a bit more bold, with three beans ranging all over the world, you'll taste the exotic notes from each one and forget the time ever even changed.” Tasting notes are feisty, crisp, and sweet. Mad Priest recommends brewing this wonderful blend via drip machine using a 16:1 ratio and filtered water.
Commonplace Coffee Roasters: Bohmien Blend.

A blend of Red Badger, Indonesia; Koke, Ethiopia coffees with tasting notes of crisp, apricot with a medium body.

“If you’re looking for a coffee with a lot of zing and pep, look no further than the Bohemian Blend. A big, strong coffee with a lot of body and a good deal of sweet acidity, this is our nod to the berets, overstuffed armchairs, and clove cigarettes from coffee shops of days gone by.”

Notion: Component Blend from the Conceicao Das Pedras region of Brazil, Cartagua, Copan region of Honduras.

This is a blend of natural processed Brazil and honey processed Honduras coffees. “Inspired by the individual regional components that makeup one fantastic coffee, Component is the result of meticulous experimentation in search of a blend of coffees that is exceptionally versatile. Our favorite application for Component is as espresso. In definite American style, Component is the ultimate daily espresso – sweet, creamy, balanced and bright but not overly acidic.”

Rising Star: Trillium Spring Blend.

A washed process coffee featuring coffees from Africa and South America with tasting notes of milk chocolate, lemon, and florals.

Light Roast 12oz Subscribers will enjoy:

Notion: Ethiopia Edido from the Yirgacheffe district. 

Medium Roast  12oz Subscribers will enjoy:

Mad Priest:  Sumatra Permata Gayo.

House Blend 12oz subscribers will enjoy:

Rising Star: Trillium Spring Blend.


All subscription orders are billed on the 5th of each month and shipped on the 15th of each month. The cutoff date to subscribe for a month is the 5th. For example, if you place your order on the 6th of May it would be shipped the 15th of June. We are working on weekly and bi-weekly options for those who want more frequent shipments!
Thank you and please feel free to send any feedback our way/ leave a review!
Sit back, relax, and sip the drip.
-The Dripbox Team

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