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What's in the box: November.


Dripbox Sampler Box


In box four we’re featuring all of our favorites! Our roasters from Cleveland, Ohio: Rising Star and Heartwood, along with Lafayette, Louisiana roaster Rêve, and Seattle, Washington roaster Dark Ritual. Between all of these amazing roasters we’ll have coffees you’re sure to enjoy. We hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving creating new memories around the table with family and friends!

In the fourth box we will feature the following roasts depending on which roast profile you selected:


Light Roast Subscribers will enjoy:


Rising Star Coffee Roasters: Kibingo CW from the Kayanza region of Burundi.
This is a natural process coffee with tasting notes of mulling spice, praline, and orange zest.

Rising Star Coffee Roasters: Tanah Karo from the North Sumatra region of Indonesia.
This is a washed process coffee with tasting notes of gingersnap, buttered toast, and juicy plums.  

Heartwood Coffee Roasters: Ernesto Perez from the Veracruz region of Mexico.
This coffee is a washed processed coffee coming to you from the community of Coatepec with tasting notes of Cranberry, Chocolate, Almond Shortbread.

Rêve Coffee Roasters: Kenya AB.
This is a washed process coffee with tasting notes of grapefruit, honey, and red apple.  


Medium Roast Subscribers will enjoy:


Rising Star Coffee Roasters: Giakanja from the Nyeri region of Kenya.
This coffee is a washed process and has tasting notes of brown sugar, tomato bisque, and thyme.  

Rêve Coffee Roasters: Melange De Lafitte Blend.
A medium blend coffee with hints of cedar, chocolate, and syrupy sweetness. This is Rêve’s spin on their Mocha Java blend!

Rising Star Coffee Roasters: Direct Trade Blend.
This coffee has tasting notes of caramel and toasted nuts coming from the regions of Central and South America.

Dark Ritual Coffee Roasters: Mind Collapse Blend.
Light and dark roast blend, roasty flavors that yield to a complex finish. Great for espresso, filter, or any other brewing style. This blend will shine in any context.



House Blend subscribers will enjoy:


Dark Ritual Coffee Roasters: HellraiseR Blend.
This is a blend that is super sweet, full bodied, not acidic or bitter. The perfect daily driver.

Reve Coffee Roasters: Longfellow Blend.
A medium full bodied blend with tasting noted of spiced currant, chocolate covered almonds, with a hint of fruit!

Reve Coffee Roasters: Espress-Geaux Blend.
This coffee is a dark blend with tasting notes of baker’s chocolate and caramel. A comfort coffee for those used to experiencing dark roasts!

Heartwood Coffee Roasters: Evergreen Seasonal Blend.
With coffees from Nicaragua, Colombia, Ethiopia this seasonal blend is smooth, bright, and balanced. Evergreen has an exceptional profile that shines through any filter method, cold brew, iced coffee, or espresso. This season, Evergreen is here to provide new and lively flavor experiences you’re sure to cherish while keeping warm with family and friends.



Light Roast 12oz Subscribers will enjoy:

Wild Goose Coffee Roasters: Guatemala Ayarza. 


Medium Roast  12oz Subscribers will enjoy:

Heartwood Coffee Roasters: Evergreen Seasonal Blend.


House Blend 12oz subscribers will enjoy:

Reve Coffee Roasters: Longfellow Blend.


All subscription orders are billed on the 5th of each month and shipped on the 15th of each month. The cutoff date to subscribe for a month is the 5th. For example, if you place your order on the 6th of August it would be shipped the 15th of September. We are working on weekly and bi-weekly options for those who want more frequent shipments!


Thank you all so much and please feel free to send any feedback our way/ leave a review on our site!


Sit back, relax, and sip the drip.
-The Dripbox Team

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